Capt. Tony Huang attended the training course for specially invited mediators of Nanjing Maritime Court

2023-08-04 10:07:31


On 20th and 21st July 2023, Nanjing Maritime Court organized a two-day training course for 95 specially invited mediators from Zhejiang province and foreign provinces. Mr. Tan Xiaoqing, a member of CPC Group of Nanjing Maritime Court and a full-time member of the Trial Committee, attended the meeting and delivered a welcome speech. He first introduced the “Maritime Maple Bridge Experience” of Jiangsu Province in the new era and pointed out that this training course is a good practice of such experience. He also introduced the scheme of multiple resolutions to maritime accident disputes and affirmed the positive role of mediator in the quick resolution of maritime disputes. Mr. Tan highlighted the role of mediators in assuming a proactive approach to their vocation. Their objective is to address disputes with a combination of assertive and empathetic methods, aiming for the most comprehensive resolutions possible. The primary focus is to offer the public a range of efficient and cost-effective dispute resolution solutions through multiple channels.


Capt. Tony Huang from T&A Marine Consultants and Surveyors Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the training course as a special mediator of Nanjing Maritime Court. During the training course, frontline judges provided specialized guidance to the specially invited mediators on various topics, including the scheme of multiple resolutions to maritime accident disputes of Nanjing Maritime Court, the standard procedures for mediation, the intelligent platform of “Seas and Rivers Protectors”, as well as methodology and techniques of mediation. Additionally, a special segment was organized for model courtroom proceedings, allowing the participants to better understand the legal principles by practice legal case.


In the group discussion session, specially invited mediators shared their opinions and suggestions on topics such as improving the effectiveness of dispute mediation, finding and serving foreign parties, and optimizing litigation services in combination with mediation work practices. Capt. Tony Huang said that this training course has a far-reaching guiding significance for the actual mediation work, and he seized this opportunity to continuously improve his professional skills and contribute to the early resolution of maritime conflicts and disputes.


The professional multi-dimensional dispute resolution team established by Nanjing Maritime Court has effectively coordinated all member organizations. By utilizing expert mediation, administrative mediation, and judicial mediation, Nanjing Maritime Court provides the public with multiple ways for efficient and cost-effective dispute resolution solutions. In the next step, the Nanjing Maritime Court will continue to encourage the active participation from various sectors of society, striving for promoting the diversified resolutions for maritime administrative disputes. This will foster a positive interaction between the judiciary and law enforcement and help to deepen the "Maritime Maple Bridge Experience" in Jiangsu Province in the new era, aiming to create a favorable situation where minor maritime disputes are resolved on the spot, major issues are not escalated unnecessarily, and conflicts are not escalated to higher levels unnecessarily.

Our company will continue to actively participate in these efforts, carrying out the role of specially invited mediation and effectively resolving various kinds of conflicts and disputes arising from maritime traffic accidents. By doing so, we aim to contribute to maintaining social harmony and stability.