[Congratulation] Capt. Tony Huang is selected as a member of the Maritime Traffic Accident Investigation Expert Bank of Fujian Maritime Safety Administration

2022-11-25 15:52:17


In order to give full play to the professional advantages of accident investigation experts and the role of think tank, and continuously improve the level of accident investigation, Fujian MSA carried out the update of the expert database of incident investigation in July 2022 according to the requirements of "Administrative Measures for Experts of Maritime Traffic Incident Investigation" (Hai An Quan [2022] No. 81). According to the Notice of Fujian MSA on the Publication of recently issued by Fujian MSA, our Captain Tony Huang and 51 other industry professionals were selected as members of the Maritime Traffic Incident Investigation Expert Database of Fujian MSA.

The establishment of the expert database aims to find out the causes of marine incidents more scientifically and accurately. For major marine incidents and complicated marine incidents with greater social impact, Fujian MSA will be drawn according to the need from library experts’ team, to analyze the cause of the incident, the investigation of evidence, the conclusion, the responsibility that to carry out the review, and issue a maritime incident and the responsibility reason analysis of expert opinion. The establishment of the expert pool will further improve the quality of marine incident investigation and processing level of Fujian MSA, while giving full play to the role of expert opinion in incident investigation and processing, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, improve the impartiality of maritime investigations, is bound to improve the authority of maritime investigations, enhance the level of maritime safety supervision play a great role in promoting.

For this selected as a member of the Fujian MSA Marine Incident Investigation Expert Database, Capt. Tony Huang said: “I feel very honored to be selected as a member of the Fujian MSA Marine Incident Investigation Expert Database and will give full play to my accumulated experience and professional skills in maritime traffic accident investigation, to improve the impartiality and authority of maritime investigation, and make contributions to improve maritime safety.”

Capt. Tony Huang has served in ocean-going vessels for 12 years and has been engaged in vessel and crew management for 2 years and has served in maritime survey and consultancy work since May 2005. He is the first Chinese SCR (Special Casualty Representative) recognized by SCOPIC Committee. He is the International Cooperation Consultant, Director, member of Expert Committee of CDSA. Since 2009, he has participated in handling more than 40 major casualty and submitted more than 40 expert reports before London Arbitration, ICC Arbitration, Hong Kong High Court, maritime courts and China Maritime Arbitration Commission (CMAC).